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We strongly believe with EXPERIENCE that organization skills are your greatest asset when you have to get things DONE!




At Todowiz, we never do anything old or boring. We give only the newest and most interesting features. We are innovative, new-fangled and unique.


The lightbulb wasn't built without countless experiments. Todowiz constantly experiments with new material to give you. Don't worry, we won't give you anything experimental. We only give the best.


Perfection isn't easy, we can tell you that. Achieving perfection requires hard work and drive. Todowiz strives for perfection, and we give nothing that is a single mark below perfection.

Organize your life around your dreams and watch them come true

Introducing Todowiz

Todowiz is here to help you keep track of everything you can't. You might be planning a
jungle adventure, getting through your chores, or just doing what you do everyday.
We do over a thousand activities a day. Todowiz can help you make sure you don't forget anything.
Available for free on all your devices
Lightning speed performance and wireless sync.
Everyday, we use several different electronic devices inclusive of phones and computers. To cater to your needs, Todowiz is available on most major platforms, such as Macs, Iphones, Ipads, Android devices and Windows PC. It is also available on the Web! This app guarantees fast and stable performance no matter the number of devices. One, five, ten, twenty, no matter, it will be just as fast. Just for your benefit, all your lists will be synced via Todowiz's Cloud Sync. You don't even need to press a button, everything will be done automatically.
Reminders, Recurring and Subtasks
Everything you need. And more.
Would you like to work towards goals and deadlines? Do you have everyday tasks? Or would you like to split huge heavy loads into small baby steps? Todowiz has included a new Detail View. You can add reminders, recurring tasks or even subtasks. Thus, your life and tasks can be kept right on track and on time with no effort-forever.
Seamless collaboration
With a little help from friends
Need a hand for anything? Any essays you need proofreading? Any parties you need help to organize? It is now fantastically easy and simple to get help. Just invite your friends and family through Facebook's Open Graph and your personal address book. Hit the invitation button and wait for help to roll in. Oh, if they don't have Facebook that isn't a problem either. Just type in their email address. After all, sharing is caring.
Advanced features for your team
Have a large project to complete? The all-new Todowiz Pro allows your team to tackle anything with much less effort. Need a proposal for your client? The Assign-to-dos will split the work up among your colleagues. That way, everyone can have their own responsibility. With this new feature, you can even share files, images and videos! Work was never easier.
Push, Email and In-App Notifications
Early bird gets the worm
Did your friend invite you to a list? Has there been an added task to the important project? Suit your preferences by customizing the way you are informed. With updates via push notifications, Todowiz's Activity Center or even email, you can be sure not to miss anything important.