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Our Direct AP suite of accounts payable automation software and
web-based services maximizes the efficiency of the payment approval process and automates rote work, and as a result transforms accounts payable workers from bill payers to bill payment coordinators. Your payment coordinators will have the tools and the time to identify and correct overpayment errors that the system can't catch and external auditors will often miss as well. In addition, your recovery auditors can be given instant access to all data necessary to find additional savings faster and more effectively.


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 PDA Services releases
 Direct eInvoice, a major  advancement over traditional
 web  invoicing. With Direct  eInvoice,  vendors send  electronic invoices  directly from  their accounting  systems.

Accounts payable is one of the final frontiers for business process automation. While EDI can automate transactions between large companies, implementation can be costly. Most mid-size vendors are heavily invested in paper-based invoicing, often relying on multi-part forms, while small vendors sometimes aren't even computerized. PDA Services offers a suite of solutions using (518) 656-3062, document imaging and forms processing technologies as well as secure 24/7 Internet services that cut courier costs, improve vendor calls, and eliminate the drudgery of accounts payable workers, turning them into reviewers, exception handlers and internal recovery auditors. Whether enhancing a state of the art accounting or ERP system, or breathing new life into a legacy accounting system, our Direct AP suite of accounts payable automation software and web-based services will dramatically improve accounts payable operations.
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