The interior walls decorations can be done in many ways: some choose colored paints, others apply stickers

The decorations of the interior walls must always be made according to the taste of the people who spend most of their time in these spaces, whether it is their own home or a work environment like the office.

The bedroom should definitely have different decorations than the living room or the study, because each room needs appropriate styles and colors according to the purpose of the room.

If in the bedroom you need a relaxing atmosphere to help you sleep, in the living room you need a more lively and cheerful atmosphere, which creates a welcoming and pleasant environment for guests.


Decorate the study between aesthetics and functionality

Another room in which it is very important to study particular decorations for the interior walls is the study. This environment is a place where you spend several hours a day, so you should opt for colors that give peace of mind to increase concentration. After choosing the color you have to think about the structures to be installed to contain books, folders for documents and other objects, which can be in wood, plastic or metal depending on the style you want to get.

Also in this case it is possible to integrate the decoration with wall stickers, decorative panels or use instead of the tint of the wallpaper. These elements can give a touch of elegance to the environment, creating an original and captivating style, with which to customize the studio according to their tastes and passions. Decorating this space is much simpler than a domestic environment, since in addition to the aesthetic aspect the areas must also be functional. Therefore it is possible to integrate decorative solutions, whose purpose is purely stylistic, with others directly addressed to the activity that takes place within it.


One of the trends that is going to the greatest in terms of wall decoration is the blackboard wall. This particular effect takes us back to the times when we went to school and we had to write with chalk on slate. There were also those who had slates in the house with which to play and have fun with friends. Who would have thought that now they would become a furnishing accessory for the coolest and most modern homes.

Where to make the blackboard wall
Making a blackboard wall is very simple. You do not have to be professionals to replicate this particular effect: just choose the place where to do it, arm yourself with patience, paint, brush and you’re done.

There are many people who choose to have a blackboard wall in their kitchen: not only gives the environment a cheerful and fun style, but it is also functional in case you have to remember important things, like the shopping list, appointments and notes that help in everyday life. This is why the kitchen is the most chosen place.


3D construction is mainly associated with futuristic-built buildings and machines with complicated looks.

However, 3D technique is applied in other areas other than the construction industry, and recently it has reached art. Creators around the world have devised a new way of making three-dimensional sculptures, where the main thing is done – bees.

The importance of the bee is mainly thought of as valuable cranberries that tirelessly go from flower to flower and make honey, one of the most beautiful and healthier natural treats. However, it turned out that the bee’s ability in the construction of hives can also be used to design 3D sculptures.

In order for a nut to lay eggs, the bees crannies surround an object and build a honeycomb around it. Inspired by this process, artists have created 3D templates to which cranes play. To make bees easier to build, sculptures are covered with a layer of beeswax. After doing the work, the template is removed and reveals a newly created 3D sculpture. The shape of the sculpture is entirely made of hexagonal wax cells.



Diver Wall Sculpture

Abstract Art 

Metal Wood Wall Art